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It was in 2009 that Cross Industry Construction (CIC) was officially established as a family business, based in Wallburg, North Carolina. With decades of construction between them, father and son decided to provide site work, new construction, and remodeling.
But what they wanted was a different kind of construction business. One that would follow through with projects in a way that went above and beyond customer expectations. In short, this family and those it hired committed to doing business honorably.
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The name Cross Industry Construction grew out of two stories its founders wanted to tell its customers. First of all, CIC offers a mastery of skills that encompasses virtually every phase of construction – from the planning stages to the custom-quality finishing touches. The name Cross Industry Construction aptly describes that unique offering. Secondly, CIC founders agreed that their philosophy of business had to drive every project undertaken. With a commitment to honoring Christ, CIC employees work to earn a consistent reputation for trustworthiness, honesty, and quality workmanship. No shortcuts. No inflated prices. No jobs left unfinished. The goal is to do every job in such a way that CIC customers are pleased to tell friends, neighbors, and family where they can find an experienced builder who takes a personal interest in their dreams.
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By providing customers with a wealth of expertise, the right equipment for the job, and a personal commitment to doing the job right – the first time, CIC has succeeded in becoming a different kind of construction firm, the kind some folks thought didn’t exist these days. Whether the project you envision means you’re starting something new or making changes to suit a changing lifestyle, CIC is committed to your complete satisfaction. Our name tells the story.